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At 5th Avenues International Property Investments, we are passionate about properties investments. But we know that there is more to investing than just real estate. That’s why we offer a full range of services to help you get the most out of your investments, including financial investment advice, company setup services to help you set up and grow your business, and administrative assistance to help you manage your business.

Home Decor

Gonzague Florist & Events is all about creating the vision of your dreams. 

Whether you are buying a bouquet of flowers, having a private dinner party or getting married, our team goes the extra mile to bring your ideas to life.

We are incredibly passionate about attention to detail, style, creativity, and delivering high-quality work to any occasion. With strong European influence from the French Riviera intertwined with the tropical vibes of Asia, we can transform any space into a magical experience all of your guests will enjoy. 

We will deliver, set up, and dismantle, so you can totally relax and enjoy your special day or intimate event.

Financial Investments

Investments advice to optimise your portfolio

Nous pouvons vous aider dans vos investissements. Si vous souhaitez vous constituer un revenu passif, notre partenaire est prêt à vous guider à travers toutes les étapes. Investir et diversifier est essentiel et votre argent peut travailler pour vous.
Ce à quoi vous pouvez vous attendre :

  • Maximisation des profits
  • Gestion des risques
  • Rendement composé
  • Gestion active de portefeuille
  • Contrôle total de la stratégie et des objectifs
  • Transparence
  • Relevés détaillés

Company setup

Merritt Middle East is a “Corporate Service Provider” duly registered in the United Arab Emirates in charge of setting up and monitoring companies.
Group history:
• 1998: The first company of the group is registered in Hong Kong.
• 2004: The French-speaking service is set up with a dedicated team.
• 2009: Opening of our offices in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
• 2012: All French and Spanish speaking services are grouped together in Dubai to benefit from a closer time difference with Europe.
• 2017: opening of their offices in Orlando, Florida (USA).
• 2019: A foundation is set up to structure all group entities. Merritt Group then becomes the main name of all their companies in the Emirates, Hong Kong and the USA.

Merritt is at your service to ensure the success of your professional activities in the Emirates and in the rest of the world: corporate services, resident services, legal expertise, outsourcing solutions.
They are present in Dubai, Hong Kong and Orlando. Their teams are made up of legal and accounting professionals. They come from France, the United States, Italy, Spain, Tunisia and Algeria.


Interior Design

La Villa Design is a unique Interior Design Destination inspired to elegance, quality, and craftsmanship, able to assist clients from the initial concept to the turn-key delivery, including full fit-out, finishing, furniture, and equipment (decorative lights, textiles, wall decorations, …).
It includes :

  1. Customized design solutions for budget and luxury projects ranging from – commercial, residential, retail, and hospitality sectors.

  2. Complete large scale execution and construction of all Architectural and Interior projects specializing in joinery, false ceilings, and up to g+4 structures.

We are a reputed one stop solution in Dubai that has catered to most leading consultants and main contractors; satisfying a wide array of clients in sectors such as townships, multi-tower complexes, and private properties.

Our belief is that our skills and services should be flexible to the needs of the client. We understand that as our environment changes and affects our way of doing business, so does our perspective and prerogative; hence we constantly strive to make sure that our work encompasses our ideals and our honesty.

We have held true to our basics – every space is uniquely designed, to be built around the people who use it. We hope to provide you with our exceptional services always to ensure your dreams and projects come true.

Admin assist

We ensure that when it comes to your property investment, you are relieved of all the stress and you can rest easy !

Our team takes care of conducting snagging for your new home so you can get it in the best condition. Not only that, but we also ensure that your tenant is accountable for any damages incurred in the duration of the tenancy.


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